Affirmative action essay board of directors

Moreover, in practice, affirmative action often increases the admissions chances of wealthy black and Hispanic kids over poor Asian Americans and poor whites. White students are dinged for their alleged “privilege,” but what privilege do Asian-Americans students enjoy? After all, there are still Japanese Americans alive today who spent time in internment camps. The legacy and pain of discrimination is very real, and it’s compounded by academic standards that explicitly tell Asian-American students that they have to do more and achieve more than anyone else to enjoy the same access to American higher education.

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The first website, http:///spot/, discussed the history and timeline of affirmative action. The first discussion of affirmative action was in Executive Order 10925 on March 6, 1961. President Johnson introduced this policy as a method of redressing discrimination that continued even with the civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees. Affirmative action was enforced for the first time on September 24, 1965. The focus of this policy was to make sure active measures were being taken to give blacks and other minorities the same opportunities for promotions, raises, scholarships, school admissions and financial aid that whites enjoyed. Initially, this policy was to be temporary until the playing field was level for all Americans.

Affirmative action essay board of directors

affirmative action essay board of directors


affirmative action essay board of directorsaffirmative action essay board of directorsaffirmative action essay board of directorsaffirmative action essay board of directors