Bridget jones diary essay

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With her signature insight, Jane Austen delves into the depths of the words which comprise of the title of the novel Pride and Prejudice. Each of the characters in the novel displays either pride or prejudice or both, in one way or another. Written in the 1800s, the dynamic Pride and Prejudice set the stage for other authors and screenwriters, among others to create similar works which explored the ideas of first impressions and the way in which prejudices can cause one to be prideful but can also change within time. Some of the modern works which have stemmed from Pride and Prejudice include Beauty and the Beast, Death Comes to Pemberly, Bride and Prejudice etc. Bridget Jones’s Diary is another one of these works which is very similar to Pride and Prejudice . In the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary , the director Sharon Maguire is able to maintain the main idea of Pride and Prejudice using characters with similar qualities and lives as those in the novel. The audience is introduced to Bridget, Daniel, and Mark, all of whom share evident similarities to Lizzy, Wickham, and Darcy, respectively. With the use of parallel plots and characters, Bridget Jones’s Diary can best be described as a modern-day spin-off of Pride and Prejudice.

Bridget jones diary essay

bridget jones diary essay


bridget jones diary essaybridget jones diary essaybridget jones diary essaybridget jones diary essay