Brooklyn college mfa thesis show

David T Wenzel is an illustrator and children’s book artist. He has illustrated over thirty books and is recognized internationally for his visualization of . Tolkien’s The Hobbit, illustrated in graphic novel format. Other notable publications include the graphic novel, The Wizard’s Tale, by Kurt Busiek and the Holiday book, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which has been in publication for over ten years. David worked with Maurice Sendak, who served as his art director, to produce thirteen books based on the Sendak’s popular Little Bear character. Over David’s career he has illustrated for book publishers, advertising agencies, magazines, the giftware industry, and toy and game companies.  A few of his more unique assignments included concept artwork for a motion picture and a proposal for an animated TV show.

This program offers an interdisciplinary approach to photography including video, film, sound, performance and installation. While “self-discipline is crucial and standards of achievement are high,” according to the college’s site, facilities include digital classrooms, computer labs and state-of-the-art darkrooms for film processing and silver-based printing. Advanced students also have access to lighting equipment, medium format and view cameras,and DSLRs. In both BFA and MFA programs emphasis is placed on the student’s personal growth through aesthetic and intellectual development.

Brooklyn college mfa thesis show

brooklyn college mfa thesis show


brooklyn college mfa thesis showbrooklyn college mfa thesis showbrooklyn college mfa thesis showbrooklyn college mfa thesis show