Custom ink stamps

When you order your custom rubber stamps from us, the uses, the applications and the ease and fun are truly endless. Custom rubber stamps from the Custom Stamp Place do more than simply place text on a piece of paper, these stamps symbolize art, custom styles and personalization. Our custom rubber stamps are as unique as you are, because each stamp has, in essence, its own personality. This is because the spirit of your custom rubber stamp is as wonderful as the message you chose for it to convey. 

For example, we enable you to design an address stamp that does more than simply give your home address. Your address stamp should be an extension of your family, your household. You can choose a fancy or simple design and customize it with flowers, birds, monograms and so much more. And don't forget to order a second address stamp for the holiday season.

Do you desire a bookplate or name plate stamp? We offer custom rubber stamps that identify books, letters and other personal items as your own. Add that personal touch to the recipes you own, the letters you write and your personal artwork with a custom rubber stamp. Keep one in your desk for personal letters, have one in the den for the books you own and keep one at the school where you work. As with all of our custom stamps, personalize your bookplate or name plate stamp with custom text, great artwork and nearly endless styles.

Our custom rubber stamps are as fun as they are functional. Add a personal touch to your holiday cards, to the birthday cards you send out every year or the invitations you send when you entertain or celebrate. Our custom rubber stamps enable you to personalize envelopes, stationery and books with unique and elegant design elements. Our custom rubber stamps are the perfect way to add a sophisticated, sleek look to every letter or package you send. 

Like we said in the beginning, our custom rubber stamps offer endless possibilities.

Discount Rubber Stamps offers a variety of custom self-inking stamps to match your requirements. Self-inking stamps are the ideal fit for those tasks that require quick, repetitive stamping. Each mount is outfitted with its own self-contained ink pad, which re-inks the die plate before each impression. When the ink pad starts to dry out, simply push it out and re-ink it or replace it with a new ink pad. Plus, self-inking stamps can be operated using only one hand, giving you that extra convenience when you’re swamped with work. Use our refinement system to quickly and conveniently find the stamp that best fits your needs; sort by brand, shape, number of lines, impression height or width, and price.

Custom ink stamps

custom ink stamps


custom ink stampscustom ink stampscustom ink stampscustom ink stamps