Dickens christmas carol essay

10 Dickens began with A Christmas Carol, and he ended with it. His last reading of the little book took place in London at St James’s Hall, on March 15, 1870. At the end of the performance, he told his audience: “From these garish lights, I vanish now for evermore, with a heartfelt, grateful, respectful, and affectionate farewell.” There was a stunned silence, broken by a tumult of cheering, hat-waving and the stamping of feet. With tears streaming down his face, Dickens raised his hands to his lips in an affectionate kiss and departed from the platform for ever. He died three months later, aged 58.

Michael – You’ve obviously missed the point of the entire story. The characters in the story don’t hate Scrooge for “being honest,” they hate him for being a cold-hearted wretch who shuns any warmth and compassion whatsoever. He mistreats his clerk, turns a cold-shoulder to his only nephew and distains and mistrusts every other person he meets. This is above all a HUMANIST story, a story of the redemption of the human spirit. Scrooge is not hated for being honest and having money, he is hated for abandoning every vestige of the human spirit in that pursuit.

Dickens christmas carol essay

dickens christmas carol essay


dickens christmas carol essaydickens christmas carol essaydickens christmas carol essaydickens christmas carol essay