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In Trinidad , Indian Muslims and Hindus, and African co-workers, joined in the street parade that was open to white spectators also. Many revelers and spectators failed to see the spiritual side of this ten-day observance, especially the nine days of fasting and prayer that preceded the street celebration on Ashura , the tenth day. (In 1990, this social scientist interviewed Mr. Harry in Tunapuna, Trinidad, a Hindu who fasts throughout the ten days of the first month, Muhurram of the Muslim Calendar, while preparing for the street parade.) Indeed, Hosay was transformed by and for the plantation workers: the deaths of Hussein and Hasan symbolized their own exile and sacrifices in a harsh, sometimes socially desolate landscape, of new worlds and socieites. The colonial authorities came to see the Hosay as a threat and used massive force to quell it and keep it off the streets beginning in the 1880s. With the onset of struggles for independence since the Second World War, many East Indians (Indo-Trinidadians) and fellow Creoles have again broadened the appeal of this Trinidad festival. It has survived colonialism and efforts at suppressing its unique voice for all workers, free and bonded, and their descendents in Trinidad. [ citation needed ]

Glacieret or snowfield is smaller still, with very small ice masses, virtually no ice movement, and accumulation and ablation areas not always detectable. Ice shelves are floating masses of ice fed by tributary glaciers. They are attached to the coast, and are nourished by snow fall, bottom freezing and influx of glacier ice. Rock glaciers are where the ratio of rock to ice favours more rock than ice. This is a feature with movement downslope of debris with interstitial ice. Finally, ice streams are part of an ice sheet where the ice velocity is higher than the surrounding ice mass (for example, Pine Island Glacier).  Photographs of all of these phenomena are provided in the illustrated Glaciers-Online photo glossary .

Dissertation paper zaynab

dissertation paper zaynab


dissertation paper zaynabdissertation paper zaynabdissertation paper zaynabdissertation paper zaynab