Doctoral research proposal education

Offered by the Department of Educational Leadership , the . in educational leadership addresses the professional development needs of educational practitioners who seek the doctorate in order to enhance their capacity to serve as leaders in (a) PK-12 public schools, (b) alternative educational organizations and charter schools, (c) nonprofit organizations, (d) higher education institutions, or (e) experiential education settings. The program addresses the need for advanced preparation of educational leaders and focuses on applied research in the field of education. Course content, practica, and field internships are built upon the professional standards for educational leadership and reflect emerging conceptions of leadership within educational organizations.

Licentiate degrees vary widely in their meaning, and in a few countries are doctoral level qualifications. Sweden awards the licentiate degree as a two-year qualification at doctoral level and the doctoral degree (PhD) as a four-year qualification. [33] Sweden originally abolished the Licentiate in 1969 but reintroduced it in response to demands from business. [34] Finland also has a two-year doctoral level licentiate degree, similar to Sweden's. [35] Outside of Scandinavia, the licentiate is normally a lower level qualification. In Belgium, the licentiate was the basic university degree prior to the Bologna Process and was approximately equivalent to a bachelor's degree, [36] [37] while in France and other countries it is the bachelor's-level qualification in the Bologna process. [38] In the Pontifical system, the Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) is equivalent to an advanced master's degree, or the post-master's coursework required in preparation for a doctorate (. similar in level to the Swedish/Finnish licentiate degree), while other licences (such as the Licence in Canon Law) are at the level of master's degrees. [39]

Doctoral research proposal education

doctoral research proposal education


doctoral research proposal educationdoctoral research proposal educationdoctoral research proposal educationdoctoral research proposal education