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One reads the article from Mr. Ben Ami with open mouthed disbelief. While he makes, implicitly, the segmentation between resource rich and non resource rich "states" he focuses on Egypt which is first and foremost a demographic catastrophe. The country can only produce calories for about 30% of the survival needs of its population, still increasing at a phenomenal rate, and only Saudi largesse is keeping starvation, from an economy which produces little, and has frightened away Western tourism, from the gates. The "Islamic PR" of ISIS has also durably cut away the lifeblood of tourist revenues from Tunisia and Morocco, and there is clearly no need to expend many words on the implosion of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. An earlier article in this journal (from January 2017) elicited a comment about the wasteland on the time horizon, and frankly there doesn't seem to be many reasons to believe in another hypothesis.

Va falloir qu’on m’explique un truc…
Pourquoi avoir dissocié la Timeline Trilogie et la Timeline Apocalyptique ?
La Timeline de la trilogie n’est-elle pas justement celle du futur de DOF ?
Je veux dire : pendant son speech sur les sentinelles, Xavier explique que la science aura mis 50 ans pour en faire celles qu’on voit dans le futur de DOF, ce qui veut dire qu’elles ont été en « construction » pendant tous les événement des 3 X-Men et on été libérées après l’Affrontement Final. Dans ce cas tout marche parfaitement et les deux Timeline n’en sont en fait qu’une.
Ou alors j’ai raté un truc…

Big Data is one of the most sought after university courses, but how do we really harness its potential to grow businesses and build smarter cities? This pre-college course shows how Big Data upends every discipline: from algorithmic trading in financial markets to predicting what kinds of paintings will go on display in the Met, to how social media creates filter bubbles in news consumption. Students are equipped with the data scientist's toolkit: from statistical techniques for predictive analysis to mapping, and acquiring data through APIs and web scraping. 

En essayant de lire

en essayant de lire


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