Energy drinks research paper

Check out any sites for alkaline/acid content of foods and you should see that lemon is only acid whilst in mouth - that's why one needs to rinse after drinking straight orange and lemon juices. BUT inside the body, it changes to alkaline - which is wonderful as most of us need more alkaline food for healthy livers etc., RE THE INSTRUCTIBLE -am sending off to friends who could use the first 2 drinks. The third is similar to what I call "tigers milk"-my children and I drank my version for breakfast when in a rush. Or I took it to work - kept me going until lunchtime and saved me buying a sugary bun. Thanks for the first 2 drinks. I will print it out and keep on kitchen cupboard in plain view! Thanks again.

Consuming energy drinks also increases important safety concerns. Between 2007 and 2011, the overall number of energy-drink related visits to emergency departments doubled, with the most significant increase (279 percent) in people aged 40 and older. A growing trend among young adults and teens is mixing energy drinks with alcohol. About 25 percent of college students consume alcohol with energy drinks, and they binge-drink significantly more often than students who don’t mix them. In 2011, 42 percent of all energy-drink related emergency department visits involved combining these beverages with alcohol or drugs (including illicit drugs, like marijuana, as well as central nervous system stimulants, like Ritalin or Adderall).

Energy drinks research paper

energy drinks research paper


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