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Should teens be limited to the amount of technology that’s exposed? We’ve all been or are going to be a teenager. There is no way to avoid it. Leisure has changed over time. The definition of leisure to any adult would be playing with friends in the street, doing some homework or maybe even working at a job. Today, it consists of texting on iphones/blackberries, watching or going on social networks. Teens nowadays have Call of Duty, Jersey Shore, iPad and Facebook. It seems today that any teenager would agree that they can’t live without one thing: technology. Is technology straining ones ability to learn? Are our priorities straight? Scientists have been exploring this topic to help our society for a number amount of years already.
Technology has definitely evolved from 1900’s to the 2000’s. The first cell phone was made in 1947. The first computer was made in 1936. The first gaming system was made in 1958. Adults know names like Nokia, IBM, Atari and even Sony Walkmans. The technology boom was said to first start in the 1980’s. That’s when the first real cell phone was invented and the first call was made on the Motorola Dynatac. Technology still wasn’t big at that time though. Everything started in the new millennium. After all, its a new millennium, why wouldn’t things change?
A lot of new gadgets were introduced in with the incoming years to come. The first iPod, the iPod scroll (up to 5GB) , was made in 2001. Few years later, the iPod evolved to an iTouch (up to 64GB). The game console of the new year was the Playstation II. It evolved to Playstation III’s and Xbox 360. These game consoles has high definition graphics. The highest tech computer now is the iMac made from Apple. You can do many things with each of t...

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I think tora, rti and citizens charter are not compared with sufficient elucidation. Tora is about transparency in regulation or what is expected of individual citizens. Citizen charter is what is expected from the state for all the taxes we pay, or transparency for improving accountability of state. Third rti is about providing information of functioning of executive, whether what it promises (right to punlic services)(not a right just as dpsp are not enforceable) or whether what it expects (regulatory requirements, rules etc.)( mandatory because this is how state are, social justice etc.). In this way both tora and citizens charter are two opposite facets of rti.

Essay gsm technology

essay gsm technology


essay gsm technologyessay gsm technologyessay gsm technologyessay gsm technology