Essay hindi doordarshan

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He was fast asleep when Daas swerved through a mud path and almost rammed the car near an old and abandoned temple. On waking up and inquiring about the incident Daas started telling the talkative man about how he was trying to avoid hitting the old man. The talkative man found no one in sight. Just as they were about to leave the place a relatively young Daas undergoes a weird transformation. He starts to talk and walk about like an old man who he claims was the builder of the temple. He even starts to call himself Krishna Bhattar. This scares the talkative man a little but he keeps his wits about him. He continues to humor Daas (now in the old man's personality) and extracts information on how he died 500 years ago while crossing the forest one night. To get the old man's spirit out of Daas the talkative man reminds him about his wife Seeta, whom he loved dearly, and convinces him to leave Daas and go back to her. As the old man's spirit leaves Daas, the talkative man and people living nearby help Daas back.

Essay hindi doordarshan

essay hindi doordarshan


essay hindi doordarshanessay hindi doordarshanessay hindi doordarshanessay hindi doordarshan