Essay hiroshima day

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The Japanese should have never attacked Pearl Harbor and killed over 2,500 innocent Americans.
The Japanese should have never invaded the Phillipines and raped, tortured and murdered well over 200,000 innocent civilians.
The japanese should have never invaded, tortured and murdered over 5,000,000 Chinese civilians.
The Japanese should have never enslaved, tortured, raped and murdered every Australian, Britain, Chinese, Korean, American, Filipino, Indian, Burmese, Pacific Island citizen that they laid their filthy hands on.
The Japanese should have surrendered when they had the chance. Horrible as it seems, the atomic bombs saved Japanese history and civilization from being wiped from the face of the earth. That’s the way they would have preferred it at the time.

Japan is a phenomenal country – however, we must be cognizant of the fact that we waged war on the US, and received aid from them afterwards. We must be cognizant of the pain that we inflicted upon our neighbors during the war. Fa- vors and good deeds are often forgotten, but trauma and misdeeds are passed on from one generation to the other – such is the way the world works. The ability to live in peace is a country’s most prized commodity. I pray that Japan continues to be a shining example of peace and harmony. I pray that this message resonates with young people all over the globe. Please excuse my handwriting.

Essay hiroshima day

essay hiroshima day


essay hiroshima dayessay hiroshima dayessay hiroshima dayessay hiroshima day