Essay tips scarlet ibis

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Doodle is very kind hearted and is a very sensitive person. The family is having dinner, when a croaking noise interrupts. Doodle makes his way to the yard, and discovers a great big red bird. The bird is a scarlet ibis; a storm brought the bird from the tropics. Doodle buries the bird, and after doing that the two brothers decide to go to Horsehead Landing. The big brother still has a lot to teach him, so he will be prepared for his first year of school. When the boys reach Horsehead Landing the weather has changed; it is now about to begin to storm. The storm is coming nearer and nearer, and the big brother decides to run. The big brother heard his little brother's cry but didn't go back to rescue him. He ran and could no longer hear his longing brother call for help. He then decides to run back an try to rescue him, only to be stopped by a tragedy. Doodle is huddled

Essay tips scarlet ibis

essay tips scarlet ibis


essay tips scarlet ibisessay tips scarlet ibisessay tips scarlet ibisessay tips scarlet ibis