Evolution of cars essay

Luso Motors is a Portuguese car design and development house which has brought us a lightweight sports car - LM 23. This design inspired from the Lotus 23b. The Luso Motors 23 is powered by a 150-horsepower -litre Honda CBR1000 engine, is mated to a six-speed sequential transmission. According to LusoMotors founder Ernesto Freitas says customers can choose a number of different engines, including a Subaru turbo boxer. This sport car features a steel tube frame chassis, double skin aluminium alloy sheets, riveted and glued with inner foam reinforcements, the outer skin is made out of fibreglass and carbon fibre components. It weighs just 881 pounds, a lightweight sports car, and 150 hp! The car will start at €15,000(about $23,600).

Evolution of cars essay

evolution of cars essay


evolution of cars essayevolution of cars essayevolution of cars essayevolution of cars essay