Expect the unexpected essay

Great article. I pushed the button last year at 58. I am in engineering and engineerimg management and design for aircraft modifications where you are always in a high stress mode (something goes wrong and people may die type stuff). I realized I needed out at 55 and It took me 3-years for me to work in my replacements with our customer base. I still do not sleep much, but I am much more relaxed. I am actually listed as a part time employee even though I have resisted all calls for a little of my time here and there – my company wants to keep my resume active for proposals ;)

When God begins to answer our prayers, we often find his answers disorienting. Circumstances might take unexpected courses, health might deteriorate, painful relational dynamics might develop, financial difficulties might occur, and spiritual and emotional struggles might emerge that seem unconnected. We can feel like we’re going backward because we are not clearly moving forward. We cry out in painful confusion and exasperation (Psalm 13:1; Job 30:20) when what’s really happening is that God is answering our prayers. We just expected the answer to look and feel different.

Expect the unexpected essay

expect the unexpected essay


expect the unexpected essayexpect the unexpected essayexpect the unexpected essayexpect the unexpected essay