Forensic science scholarship essays

The average annual salary of a forensic science technician is $57,340, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics . Salaries in this career can vary widely depending on the experience level and the area of employment. For example, forensic science technicians working in the federal executive branch make an annual average wage of $93,940, while someone working for a local police department will likely make much less. In order to get one of the highly coveted federal jobs, you will most likely need to get experience at the state or local level first.

Forensic Pathologists : Forensic pathologists determine the time and cause of death in cases of suspected murder or suicide.

Forensic Anthropologists : Those who have a PhD in Anthropology or medical degree with forensic science can work as forensic anthropologists who help in identification of individuals murdered or killed in disasters . plane crashes, explosions, fires, etc and give testimony to  the age, sex, ancestry, stature and unique features of the deceased persons.

Forensic Psychologists : Professionals with a degree in psychology can work as forensic psychologists wherein they assist a court or other fact finders in arriving at a just or correct decision.

Clinical Forensic Medicine Experts : Such professionals possess medical degree and post graduate degree or diploma and work as the examiner of victims of crime and suspects who may have sustained injuries while allegedly committing a crime and reach to specific conclusions pertinent to the crime and timing.

Forensic Serology Experts : These professionals work as analyst and analyze blood groups, blood, and other bodily fluids and do DNA fingerprinting to arrive at a conclusion.

Forensic Chemists : Those who have science degree and specialisation in applied or forensic chemistry can work as forensic chemists wherein they help in the detection and identification of illicit drugs, accelerants used in arson cases, explosive and gunshot residues, trace evidence, including paint, glass, polymers and fibers, etc.

Dactyloscopists : The most commonly known work of Dactyloscopists is to study fingerprints received from the scene of crime and link them with suspects.

Forensic linguists : These professionals analyze the content of written or oral communication and identify criminals particularly in cases of kidnapping where they help in zeroing in on the criminal.

Toxicologist : Professionals with qualification in chemistry or biochemistry work in to help police in the detection and identification of pharmaceutical drugs and poisons, toxin levels, etc. in body.

Forensic science scholarship essays

forensic science scholarship essays


forensic science scholarship essaysforensic science scholarship essaysforensic science scholarship essaysforensic science scholarship essays