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One of the largest issues with the global warming debate is that it is mired in politics. One can see this issue in the way that global warming was presented by Al Gore in documentary ‰ÛÏAn Inconvenient Truth‰۝. While many people may view this documentary as a means of bringing attention to the problem of global warming, this film also creates political controversy. The movie is filled with catastrophic predictions which one must question where Gore received his information from considering that NASA and many other scientists cannot give an accurate prediction of climate change eventsåÊ(Guggenheim). NASA candidly states:

In fact there is a greater chance of a Polar Bear dying from overheating than there is of freezing even though the temperatures in the Arctic waters are often well below zero. Their bodies are designed to handle the extreme cold but not the extreme heat. In fact, it is often hard to determine the cause of death for a Polar Bear. The chance to examine their remains is virtually non existent. However, many researchers have a theory that their bodies functions are shut down or severely damaged by the heat and that can cause an early death in many instances.
Sadly, it is estimated that if the climate changes continue as they are, all of the Polar Bears will be extinct in less than 100 years. That is a very grim outlook and that means action needs to be taken now to protect their natural environment.

Global warming homework help

global warming homework help


global warming homework helpglobal warming homework helpglobal warming homework helpglobal warming homework help