Harley davidson thesis statement

Please stop this nonsense about Rossi asked for the wall! The wall between Rossi and Jorge was requested by Bridgestone. A little history in MotoGP, there used to be multiple tires manufactures in the GP (Dunlop…yeah, Michelin and Bridgestone). Most manufacturer used to choose Michelin, however in 2006 and 2007 the Bridgestone tires start looking to perform better. Rossi felt he needs this to beat Stoner Ducati. Thus he actually requested his Yamaha to be fitted with Bridgestone tires, however Yamaha at that time I believe has contract with Michelin. No Problemo, the King Requested thus he got it. His bike was fitted with the Bridgestone and the wall was build between him and Jorge as they were no allowed to share data. At that time Jorge was still a rookie, and Rossi has no problem with him. The problem was later in 2010 as Jorge won the championship and Yamaha ask Rossi to take less so they can give Jorge the raise. How do you feel if you boss tell you to take a paycut so they could pay the new guy more money??

Harley davidson thesis statement

harley davidson thesis statement


harley davidson thesis statementharley davidson thesis statementharley davidson thesis statementharley davidson thesis statement