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In 1417 Henry attacked France again, capturing Caen and Normandy and taking Rouen after a six-month siege in which he refused to aid 12,000 expelled residents left to starve between the city walls and the English lines. In 1420 the French king Charles VI sued for peace. The Treaty of Troyes placed Henry in control of France for the remainder of Charles VI’s life and promised that the English line would succeed to the French throne. Henry married Charles’ daughter Catherine. The royal couple arrived in England in 1421, and their only son, the future Henry VI, was born soon after.

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5 . Many scenes and characters in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are doubled or multiplied. Why do you think the writer structures his poem this way? What effect does the repetition of passages have on the reader? How does this formal element of poetic composition relate to what is happening at the content level? You might choose one doubled scene (like Gawain’s departures from Camelot and Hautdesert) or character (Bertilak and the Green Knight) or something otherwise multiplied, like the “five fives” of Gawain’s pentangle.

Horse essay topics

horse essay topics


horse essay topicshorse essay topicshorse essay topicshorse essay topics