How to make resume sample

The main task of a painter is to give finishing touch to the exterior and interior surfaces. He applies paint, wallpaper and other materials to make the wall smooth and shiny. Before applying the paint, he has to try different colors and textures to give the desired looks. Since painting technology has evolved during the recent years, he has to make himself familiar with its usage and application. He may be self-employed or may work for a construction company, painting contractor, hotel, resort or a private company. Following is a sample resume to apply for a construction company. It will guide you to create your own. You can make changes as required and apply it to your choice of employers. Resume Sample Jim Smith
35 Santa Street
Hartford, CT 01221
(656) 566 7342 Objective: A position as painter in a reputed construction company to use my skills and work experience in making the exterior and interior building surfaces a treat to watch. Professional Skills:

  • Strong experience as a construction painter
  • Fluent in verbal and written communication
  • Extensive skill in applying paint, wallpaper, coatings to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings
  • Knowledge of sandblasting, hydro-blasting and steam-cleaning techniques
  • Ability to fill holes, cracks with epoxy filler and putty
  • Exceptional ability to prepare building surfaces for paint and other applications
  • Outstanding ability to create cost estimates
  • Able to finish given work within time
Associate Degree in Painting
M&B Vocational Training Institute, Hartford, CT

High School Diploma
Zenith High School, Hartford, CT
2006 Experience:
Construction Painter
ABC Construction, Hartford, CT
2011 - present
  • Erect scaffolding wherever it is not possible to reach the height
  • Examine the inside and outside building surfaces and decide right technique and procedure
  • Mix necessary materials to prepare paste for application
  • Use wallpaper and cover the ceilings and interior walls
  • Help unskilled and semi-skilled workers and guide them in work process
  • Use power and manual tools as appropriate
Construction Painter
Spray Construction Company, Hartford, CT
2008 - 2011
  • Covered holes and seal cracks using fillers
  • Protected surfaces during painting by covering them with proper paper
  • Determined the width and length of the surfaces and cut wallpaper and fabric accordingly
  • Removed previous paint by suing sandblasting and hydro-blasting technique
  • Ordered and maintained the paint supplies and materials
  • Operated painting spray gun at high and low pressure
  • inspected and refurbished walls surfaces using right materials
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How to make resume sample

how to make resume sample


how to make resume samplehow to make resume samplehow to make resume samplehow to make resume sample