Inaguaration essay

The rule of the worst seemed to become a thing of the past in the 1990s, but under Putin mediocrity returned with a vengeance. Not only did the media come under the control of the Kremlin but it acquired an amateurish quality. Not only did the government start lying, but did so in dull, simple, and unimaginative language. Putin’s government is filled with people who plagiarized their dissertations—as did Putin himself. The ministers are subliterate. The minister of culture, who has a doctorate in history, regularly exposes his ignorance of history; indeed, Trump might be tempted to plagiarize the minister’s dissertation, which begins with the assertion that the criterion of truth in history is determined solely by the national interests of Russia—if it’s good for the country, it must be true (much of the rest of the dissertation is itself plagiarized). Other ministers provide the differently minded Russian blogosphere with endless hours of fun because they use words the meaning of which they clearly don’t know, or ones that don’t exist—as when a newly chosen education minister invented a word that seemed to mean that she had been appointed to the cabinet by God. They also make ignorant, repressive, inhumane policy. But their daily subversion of integrity and principle is indeed aesthetic in nature. And it serves a purpose: by degrading language and discrediting the spectacle of politics the Russian government is destroying the public sphere.

“German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s endorsement of President Putin’s idea of deploying UN peacekeepers to Donbass means that the EU is ready to view the crisis there as an internal Ukrainian conflict, not a war with Russia as Kiev insists, politician Vadim Kolesnichenko told Radio Sputnik.
Sigmar Gabriel said on Tuesday that the introduction of international peacekeepers in Donbass could help ease tensions with Moscow and could be “the first step to lifting sanctions against Russia.”
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Inaguaration essay

inaguaration essay


inaguaration essayinaguaration essayinaguaration essayinaguaration essay