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Adam and Brenda tell you that they want to do simple wills under which everything will pass to the survivor on the first death, until he or she dies or starts a new relationship. Whatever is left after that is to be used primarily to ensure that Charlotte has a roof over her head and adequate financial support while she is in full time education, but, subject to that, they want to ensure that all the children (and grandchildren if a child has predeceased) are treated fairly.  They were going to draw the wills up themselves, and did some research on the internet which convinced them that mutual wills were the answer, but they sounded a bit complicated so they want you to draw them up and have made an appointment for that purpose.

The Pardoner is the most controversial of all the pilgrims for four reasons: his work, his sin (greed), his unrepentant pride, and his sexuality. The Pardoner’s job—giving people written absolution from sin—was a dubious profession in medieval Europe. As he reveals in his Prologue, the Pardoner is well aware that he himself is covetous, which is the very sin against which he preaches in order to con people into giving him money. What makes him so distasteful to the other characters, especially the Host, is that fact that he is so proud of his vice. In the General Prologue, the narrator suggests that the Pardoner’s sexual orientation is ambiguous, which means that he occupies an even further marginalized position in fourteenth-century society.

Job essay topics

job essay topics


job essay topicsjob essay topicsjob essay topicsjob essay topics