Loyalty essay definition

     Being loyal to someone does have some advantages and even some larger disadvantages. The advantages of being loyal to someone is that a person who is loyal can be viewed as a trusted individual and that if you align with them you won’t be taken advantage of. Another advantage is that showing loyalty keeps someone close to you that will defend your ideals. Being loyal to a cause can give someone a purpose that help to keeps them on a good path and can give them the ability to be included in a greater cause. The disadvantages of being loyal is that you may be loyal to a person that is deceitful. Your ideas may go against the ideals of those that you have pledged your allegiance to. This could cause great harm if you continue to support them when your beliefs differ or even the action or belief may be illegal. This can leave a party, which follows blindly in a situation, where they are taking blame and consequences for actions that they didn’t agree with.

The term "betrayal blindness" was introduced in 1996 by Freyd, and expanded in 1999 by Freyd and then again in 2013 by Freyd and Birrell through the Betrayal Trauma Theory. [6] This betrayal blindness may extend to betrayals that are not considered traditional traumas, such as adultery, and inequities. Betrayal blindness is not exclusive to victims. Perpetrators, and witnesses may also display betrayal blindness in order to preserve personal relationships, their relationships with institutions, and social systems upon which they depend. [6]

Sweeney and Soutar (2001) develop a 19-item measure for perceived value (PERVAL), revealed a stable structure of four dimensions which are emotional value, social value, functional value (price/value for money) and functional value (performance/quality). According to Roig, Garcia and Tena (2006), there are two methods in conceptualisation and dimensionality of perceived value. The first approach consists of two divisions, one of benefits received (economic, social and relational) and another of sacrifices made (price, time, effort, risk and convenience). The second method is multifaceted construct which vary to different character: one of a functional and another of emotional or affective type. (Zeithmal, 2000; Roig et al. 2006; Patterson and Spreng,1997; Sweeney and Soutar, 2001) Opposing the finding of Sweeney and Soutar, Roig et al (2006) approach perceived value from six multidimensional formative construct (GLOVAL scale), corresponding four dimensions of functional value: functional value of the establishment (installations), functional value of the contact personnel (professionalism), functional value of the service purchased (quality) and functional value price with the two remaining composed of emotional value and social value. Parasuraman and Grewal focused on service quality as the benefits of customers deriving from credit card vendor's offering (as cited in Qi, Li and Hao, 2007), and on spending effort as the costs of acquiring the offering.

Loyalty essay definition

loyalty essay definition


loyalty essay definitionloyalty essay definitionloyalty essay definitionloyalty essay definition