My homework ate the dog

I am tormented and need to know if anyone can help ease our pain. Yesterday, our dog went for her annual checkup and received her usual shots. The vet said she is doing good for her age, but needs to lose weight.

Then about 8 hours later when we again arrived home, our dog did not greet us as she always did. Found her lying down and not coming to us when we called for her. So, we checked her over and then we did get her to drink a lot and come up a flight of stairs and she seemed a little better.

But, we decided to call the vet anyway to have her checked out and they said to bring her in as we expected maybe an allergic reaction to the shots earlier in the day. The vet told us our dog was in shock and he put her on a steroid iv immediately.

Then vet took xrays and said her liver was very enlarged. Her red blood count very low and when they spun her blood it was yellow in the bottom. Vet said she had liver cancer and she would be dead in hours and not make it til morning.

Until this night, she had absolutely no symptoms. Vet said if we took her home, she would either have heart failure or would bleed into her abdomen until she died and she would suffer. Vet insisted that she would not make it until morning. He recommended that we put her to sleep.

We cried and cried, but followed the doctor's advice and put her down. Now, a day later and clearer mind, we are second guessing and wish we would have just come home with her. We have another dog that is also dying of cancer for the past 7 months, but we enjoy her company every day and think we should have brought her home and let her die at god's hands. We felt pressured into putting her to sleep and I believe we were just in shock about the cancer and could not think clearly. Now we are devastated and so very tormented that we put our beloved dog to an early death.

What could have made the vet believe that our dog only had hours to live?

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My homework ate the dog

my homework ate the dog


my homework ate the dogmy homework ate the dogmy homework ate the dogmy homework ate the dog