Outline for explanatory essay

Mothers' aid and old-age assistance are a modern way of giving what we used to call charity. They are relief measures. They recognize the responsibility of counties and States to give security to people who cannot earn it for themselves and provide a more just and orderly way to meet that responsibility.

They are better methods than those which States and towns and counties long have used, such as giving baskets of food or tons of coal, or building orphanages and almshouses. They give the people they help a greater chance to choose how they will live. They provide them with what all of us now use to keep our freedom and self-respect. They give them money. A basket of groceries does not solve the problems of the poor

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Outline for explanatory essay

outline for explanatory essay


outline for explanatory essayoutline for explanatory essayoutline for explanatory essayoutline for explanatory essay