Proposal writing jobs

I am a career counselor at a university (I work mainly with freshmen and sophomores on the exploration side of the equation). and I pay close attention to which of our degree programs have strong employer and alumni relations and which do not. And that’s part of what I pass on to students as they explore. “That program has connections to worksites for interns” and “if you pursue that major, you will be largely on your own when it comes to job search” have become part of my lexicon in the 25 years I have been doing this. And I don’t apologize for being that blunt about it.

When operating a small business, every working hour counts. Manpower is at a premium. Although the scope of a project may align with the mission of a company, other factors may not. For example, an entrepreneur should assess exactly how much dedicated time the project will take. If accepting a project means she cannot work on any other projects during its duration, she must determine if the compensation will be worth it. Even if it is, consider that such dedication could make developing new business more difficult in the future. Although the short-term revenue may be exceptional, the long-term effects for her firm must be considered.

Proposal writing jobs

proposal writing jobs


proposal writing jobsproposal writing jobsproposal writing jobsproposal writing jobs