Reflective essay writing guide

Can I hold on to this freedom from fear? Probably not. Inevitably, as my children seek to spread their wings, I will get nervous and I will worry. However, I think that I can remember to follow Rhonda's advice and "go to the beach." I can get away from my worries and caretaking long enough to get another perspective, and find time to pray and be at peace. Furthermore, if I can't get away from my responsibilities, I can always close my eyes for a few moments and remember: the salt spray in the air, the wind on my face, and my feet in the sand.

Moreover, try to demonstrate the lesson you have learned from the entire experience. One common mistake students make is avoiding to write down memorable details that have shaped their thinking. On the contrary, reflection demonstrates a personal perspective, which means that you should not draw back from stating your own vision. Incoherency is another shortcoming that appears to be omnipresent in most reflective essays. Although it is hard to keep your thoughts on track once the pen touches the paper, try to maintain a logical sequence of your memories. A good idea is to revise the raw version of your paper. This way you won’t hold back the thoughts once they come and you won’t miss important details. Either way, keep in mind that regardless of the topic, a reflective essay must reflect your particular style, your personal vision. It is the only way you can achieve a great reflective writing.

Reflective essay writing guide

reflective essay writing guide


reflective essay writing guidereflective essay writing guidereflective essay writing guidereflective essay writing guide