Reflective practitioner essay

Each dimension of the professional learning model is an essential part of the professional learning process. The dimensions do not represent separate or distinctive 'types' or approaches of professional learning. Although it is important to note that some professional learning will take a 'collaborative' approach, for example, but each dimension should still be embedded within. Each dimension is explained in more detail below. The model can be a useful tool to reflect on your professional learning, it can also serve as a useful resource when planning professional learning experiences for others.

Donald Schon’s later work with Martin Rein around frame reflection does attend to some matters of public deliberation – but the broad line of argument made by Stuart Ranson here would seem to stand. It was the contribution of two of Schon’s contemporaries – Ivan Illich and Paulo Freire – that takes us forward. The formers focus on learning webs, the debilitating impact of professionalization, and the need for an ecological appreciation; and the latter’s championship of dialogue and concern to combat oppression allow for a more committed and informed engagement with the ‘learning society’ and ‘learning organization’.

Reflective practitioner essay

reflective practitioner essay


reflective practitioner essayreflective practitioner essayreflective practitioner essayreflective practitioner essay