Reliable source research paper

How accepted, high-quality reliable sources use a given source provides evidence, positive or negative, for its reliability and reputation. The more widespread and consistent this use is, the stronger the evidence. For example, widespread citation without comment for facts is evidence of a source's reputation and reliability for similar facts, whereas widespread doubts about reliability weigh against it. If outside citation is the main indicator of reliability, particular care should be taken to adhere to other guidelines and policies, and to not represent unduly contentious or minority claims. The goal is to reflect established views of sources as far as we can determine them.

Cancercare provides free, professional support services to patients, families, and caregivers to help them cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges of cancer. This nonprofit’s services include counseling; support groups; access to educational publications on a wide range of cancer topics; live telephone and online workshops in which oncology experts provide up-to-date cancer information (there is also a repository of past workshops); and financial assistance to qualified individuals, such as to cover transportation expenses or co-payments. All services are overseen by professional oncology social workers.

Reliable source research paper

reliable source research paper


reliable source research paperreliable source research paperreliable source research paperreliable source research paper