Single author research papers

Luca applauds features on Yelp that try to improve content quality, such as requiring reviewers to create publicly available profiles, and identifying some as "elite reviewers" based on their number of reviews, so users can give them extra weight. Holding users accountable with social networking tools makes Yelp stronger than similar sites like TripAdvisor, which doesn't have such accountability. On the other hand, Luca approves of the more extensive options that TripAdvisor provides for sorting and categorizing reviews of hotels—for example, business travelers can find reviews written by other road warriors, who are likely to have similar requirements.

Research shows that school climate has an important effect on the prevalence of peer bullying. Therefore, the aims of our study were to determine: 1) if there are differences in the perceptions of bullying-related school climate by victims, bullies, non-victims and non-bullies, and 2) which sociodemographic and school climate factors predict the roles of chronic victims and bullies. The results suggest that there are more victims in younger students and more bullies among boys. We also found significant differences in perceptions of school climate by victims and bullies and were able to predict a small/moderate amount of variance in the roles of chronic victims/bullies by sociodemographic and school climate variables. Implications of the study findings are also discussed.

Single author research papers

single author research papers


single author research paperssingle author research paperssingle author research paperssingle author research papers