Stirling engine research paper


While it would be very nice if such an engine existed at a price per kW that is competitive with gasoline or diesel engines, that probably isn't realistic at first. Gasoline and diesel generators are manufactured by the millions. When a 5 to 25 kW Stirling engine design first reaches the market it will initially be manufactured in much lower quantities and so undoubtedly will cost more per kW than competitive gasoline and diesel engines.

  • Q: Could a good Stirling engine be built by starting with a small-block Chevy V8, or perhaps an air compressor, and converting it to a Stirling? A: This has been tried many times by many different people and the conclusion is that it really doesn't help all that much. In his book Making Stirling Engines, Andy Ross describes converting an automobile freon compressor to a Stirling engine. The conclusion of Andy and others is that while this approach can be made to work, there are too many compromises when you start with some parts that were made for some other use. You might as well build the entire machine as a purpose built Stirling engine.
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  • Q: I'd like to learn more about Stirling Engines, what should I do? A: We suggest purchasing a copy of "Around the World by Stirling Engine" as a very good overview of Stirling Engines. But the best way to really understand Stirling engines is to hold one of our transparent engines in your hands and carefully watch it run. So enjoy our web site, but make sure to come back and browse our Stirling engine store.  

    Stirling engine research paper

    stirling engine research paper


    stirling engine research paperstirling engine research paperstirling engine research paperstirling engine research paper