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Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews founded Mitel in 1972 (officially on June 8, 1972). Conventionally, its name is regarded as a combination of the founders’ first names and their first product - MIke and Terry's Lawnmowers . Cowpland is quoted as stating that it stands for MIke and Terry's Electronics , whereas Matthews confirmed the lawnmower acronym during an interview on BBC Radio 4's "The Bottom Line" in May 2011. [ citation needed ] The pair formed the corporation with the blessing of their employer, Bell Northern Research , based on the original premise it stood for "MIke and Terry's Lawnmowers" and in order to protect their intellectual property rights of tone to pulse converter design from their employer who otherwise would have legal ownership rights. Their first shipment of three lawn mowers was lost in shipping, so they quickly adjusted to produce a telephony tone receiver product (a tone-to-pulse converter for central office use based on Cowpland's . thesis). Cowpland has also stated that the lawnmowers were not suited to Canadian lawns. [ citation needed ]

Voip thesis pdf

voip thesis pdf


voip thesis pdfvoip thesis pdfvoip thesis pdfvoip thesis pdf