Wheaton psyd dissertation

Expertise and Research Interests :  For over 20 years, I have worked globally in education, holistic missions, global health, and consulting and leadership development. I am is passionate about sharing Christ’s message of faith, hope, and love with people. I also committed to caring for people and children affected by war, poverty, and certain hardships. My current research focuses on the theological, intercultural and psychosocial experience of the individual and groups, particularly, on the experience of threats to the self and the consequences of those threats in global missions. In my current book When Helping Works: Alleviating Fear and Pain in Global Missions , I examine the theory of stereotype threat, describing a common process through which people from different groups, being threatened by different stereotypes, can have quite different experiences in the same situation. My research interests include theology, missiology, ecclesiology, education, leadership theory, politics, economics, humanitarian work and entrepreneurship.

Wheaton psyd dissertation

wheaton psyd dissertation


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